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Edition #127 | Read time: 5 Minutes

We all know the daily grind of work and summer can wear you down, especially when PTO is scarce. And using those precious few days of PTO that you DO have to tend to your kids’ needs is worth it - but it’s JUST 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 ENOUGH 👏🏼

Don't worry, we’ve got some fun ideas to help you reclaim some much-needed "me time," even without the luxury of unlimited leave.

In this issue, we’re diving into creative ways to carve out personal time, sharing some hilarious Out of Office messages to inspire your next escape, and offering sage advice for navigating the big dreams and quirky phases of parenting older kids.

Put your feet up for the few minutes that you have, and enjoy!

 This week in The CARRY™ ALL, we’re talking about:

  • 📆  No PTO at work? Try Family PTO

  • ✌🏻 Go OOO in Style

  • 🤯 Your Invisible Mental Load is now VISIBLE

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THE BIG 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

1️⃣ 📆  No PTO at work? Try Family PTO

If your lack of PTO at work means you aren’t getting the time you need to unwind, consider taking some “Parents Time Off.” Let’s face it: we all need a break - and not just from work. Having time to do activities that fulfill us makes us better parents. So when this dad took to Twitter to explain the setup he and his wife have, we were all ears. 🙉 Each parent essentially gets a few days over the course of the year to do whatever they want, while the other solo parents during that time. (Get it? Parents time off!) Are you a single parent? Consider a similar arrangement with a friend, grandparent, or neighbor! It does take a village, after all.

2️⃣ ✌🏻 Go OOO in Style

Time to set your Out of Office message for your vacation? While yours will likely be relatively formal (“Thank you for your message. I’ll be out of the office until…”), we LOVE the idea of having a little fun instead. Check out some ways for people to see your quirkier side while you sip piña coladas at the beach. Our favorite? “If it’s an emergency, please dial 911.” Also, before setting your message, run it by someone you trust to ensure it's appropriate and effective.

3️⃣ 🤯 Your Invisible Mental Load is now VISIBLE

Are you drowning from the Emotional and Mental loads you carry around on a daily basis? Wish there were a way to SHOW your partner just how much you do and how the division of labor in your household actually shakes out?

In just 5 minutes, you can quantify the domestic care that is required each week to keep your household running - and see WHO is doing WHAT. Get ready for some serious (and helpful) convos with your partner…


for working moms with older children
  • Sick of your kiddos bickering all the time? We get it. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a family day out and listening to kids goading each other on non-stop. This mom, in a moment of similar frustration, discovered a great hack to keep her kids from bickering: Nice Points! And you know what? It worked like a charm. Not only did her kids stop arguing, but they began connecting as well. And THAT is worth its weight in gold.

  • Got a theater kid? This dad says “embrace the weird.” For those of you not used to the theater, having a child who spends most of their time on (or back) stage might seem foreign. But as this dad points out, “It's so good for that kid…They're so loved. They're learning harmonies…They're learning confidence. They're learning to speak on stage…Theater. It's a good weird.” 🤓

Last week’s poll results: Nearly 28% of you would WORKOUT if you had 1 free hour in a day, and nearly 26% of you would take a NAP!

➡️ “Honestly, I’m not sure if working out is really what I want to do, but I’ve found that if I say that’s what I’m doing, my husband will actually respect that I’m doing something for my health and be more willing to step up so I can actually get that “free time”!”

➡️ “Silence is not a thing…so that would be my go to, or reading!! Reading is my happy place.”

➡️ “As a working mom, I feel like I'm running on fumes ALL THE TIME. The days of getting "8 hours of sleep a night" are long gone. Honestly, if I had free, uninterrupted (and no kids) time to myself, I'd love just a good nap!”


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