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  • 👛 Bags, baggage, and your new favorite mom bag… | 3-19-24

👛 Bags, baggage, and your new favorite mom bag… | 3-19-24

Edition 113

The Carry All

Edition #112 | Read time: 5 Minutes

When it comes to child care? Well — let’s just say the U.S. doesn’t have it in the bag.

It’s no secret that the astronomical cost of childcare has U.S. parents in a chokehold.

And this stat above? It’s salt to the wound. 

For many U.S. families with children under 5 — there are two options:

  • One parent stays home with the kids, or 

  • Both work and spend an ungodly amount of their income on preschool. 

Neither is ideal, especially if both parents want to have a career, right?

We shared this a couple weeks back — but we love this interactive report on The Case for Childcare from Nationswell so much that it’s worth sharing again.

And speaking of bags? 

In case you missed it, The CARRY™ ALL — AKA your new FAVORITE bag — is now live and available to the public!

If you haven’t already grabbed one — this issue of The CARRY™ ALL (the bag’s namesake🤪) will make you want to RUN to snag yours — because it’s filled with some of our FAVORITE bag-stuffers ever…

 This week in The CARRY™ ALL, we’re talking about:

  • 🎧 Noise canceling headphones you didn’t know you needed 

  • 💧Our favorite water bottle to fit in your CARRY™ ALL

  • 💼 Mini must-haves to always keep in your purse

Do you live in a state with publicly-funded Pre-K? (keep reading for why we were SHOCKED 😲 by last week's poll)

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THE BIG 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

1️⃣ The BEST headphones to drown out all the NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE! 🎧

Huh? We can’t hear you! 

That’s exactly the point this time. Momming and doing, well — anything else, can be pretty impossible if you can’t hear your own thoughts. There are times when being in the midst of child chaos is important, and times when alllllllll the sounds just need to be muted a bit. That’s where these Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones come in. 

We love ‘em because these babies are suuuuper comfortable. You’ll forget you’re wearing them and might just get everything on your list done without realizing you’ve been in your own little world with your favorite 90’s playlist. But don’t worry–you can easily toggle between Quiet and Aware Modes if you need to make sure everyone is okay from time to time 🤪

2️⃣ Our favorite water bottle that isn’t going to take over your life💧

It seems all the world is in a tizzy over water bottles these days. But some of us might not need (or want) to lug around 40 oz. of hydration everywhere we go. That being said, we all know that drinking water regularly is a healthy choice (and great for our skin!) so we need something. 

Enter this awesome Owala Water Bottle

This bottle checks all the boxes:

  Has a straw!
  Great for sports or travel
  24 or 32 oz

And the best part? It fits right in the water bottle holder of the CARRY™ALL 😉 It comes in over 20 colors but our favorite is definitely Dreamy Field. So cute.

3️⃣ Do not pass go without stocking your bag with these must-haves 💼

  • We know the pandemic isn’t an issue any more, but germs are still very real. Especially with little ones around. Don’t be caught without some Purell on hand to disinfect. This pack of 6 will ensure you have a bottle for every bag (and the car… and the stroller…).

  • Sick of rummaging around the bottom of your bag and never being able to find anything? This EASTHILL case is awesome for holding all those loose pens, that chapstick, pack of gum - or anything else that likes to hide deep in the crevices of your purse never to be seen again. Plus it’s stylish. (The pink option is our favorite!)

  • When we’re running around with kids, it can be hard to plan everything. So sometimes you just need to, ahem, use the facilities when you’re not at home. While that’s not ideal, we love this Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet spray to keep in our bag. With this on hand, you won’t need to have a guilty look when you exit the stall in that public restroom…

With warmer weather approaching, having the chance to freshen up is something we all want from time to time. That’s why we love this Mario Badescu Facial Spray. It has aloe, herbs and rose water and is great for all skin types. A little spritz and you’ll be feeling like new, just in time to get the kids to soccer practice! Fits great in any of the four pockets of The CARRY™ ALL!

Last week’s poll left most of you SHOCKED. Over 50% answered that the US started celebrating National Working Mom’s Day in 2022. It was actually 1983… can you believe that? Here’s what you guys had to say:

➡️ “No employee acknowledges this or at least none that I've ever been with.”

➡️ “I never heard of this until right now!”

➡️ “I've never heard of it so 1983 is a surprise”

Let’s keep spreading the news. We deserve this celebration! 🥳


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