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The Carry All

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When it comes to being a working mother, what matters most to you? (Aside from a much-needed nap 🥱.) 

This week we’re talking alllll about empowerment, financial stability, and balancing the demands of both work and home. Because whether you’re tackling the challenges of budgeting, gearing up to ask for that much-deserved raise, or looking for tips to juggle it all with grace, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re also shedding light on important conversations to have with your growing kids (hello periods and puberty!) and bringing awareness to health conditions like POTS that might be affecting your family. 


 This week in The CARRY™ ALL, we’re talking about:

  • 💵 Financial Tips for Working Moms

  • 🙋🏻‍♀️ How to Ask for a Raise

  • 👩 A common diagnosis in Tweens/Teens

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Have you been penalized in the workplace because of being a mom?

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THE BIG 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

1️⃣ 💵 Financial Tips for Working Moms

Being a working mom can be rewarding but – let’s face it – also stressful at times (especially if you’re navigating exorbitant childcare costs and paying down debt.) That’s why understanding your financial situation, and seeking to achieve financial health and independence is so important. But where to begin? MOMentum is a great resource for working moms who want to get a handle on their finances. One recommendation from the organization that we love is to create a realistic budget - one that includes all essential expenses as well as other spending. Doing so will highlight areas where you can cut back, and allow you to prioritize paying down debts and saving.

2️⃣ 🙋🏻‍♀️ How to Ask for a Raise

Ready for that raise, but don’t know how to ask? We’ve got you covered. Negotiating your salary can feel daunting, but it’s important to be compensated for what you’re worth. We all know that women, on average, are paid less than men. But did you know that working moms are paid even less? It’s time to level the playing field. Use this 5-Step Guide to prepare yourself to ask for a raise. You’re worth it.

3️⃣ 👩 Must Read Tips for Working Moms

Working moms really do it all. They not only earn a living to support their family, but they also carry the mental load of the family, and tend to both booboos and conference calls with grace. But sometimes setting boundaries to allow for much-needed self care and family time can be challenging. That’s why we love these tips to help moms navigate working motherhood. Our fave? How we can get comfortable saying NO.


for working moms with older children
  • When we were growing up, it wasn’t so common for parents to have candid conversations with their children about puberty, and everything they could expect from the major changes happening to their bodies. Fortunately, times have changed. But what that means is that our generation might not be so prepared to give our kids the info that they need. This article is a great resource for moms who need support in answering their daughters questions about puberty and periods.

  • Have you been hearing more about the POTS diagnosis recently? Apparently, it’s more common than you might realize. POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) is considered an autoimmune disorder, and 75% of those diagnosed with it are between the ages of 12-15!! You can learn more about the disorder, including its symptoms, here.

Last week’s poll results: Nearly 40% of you are able to devote 3-5 hours to reading each week, while 26% of you get 1-3 hours of reading time in. Keep reading for a few of your thoughts and comments!

➡️ “I love reading and wish I would put my phone down more often and pick up a book instead.”

➡️ “I used to say I didn't have time, but a friend challenged me to pay more attention to how often I sit down and immediately pick up my phone. Yikes. That was humbling. She would keep books at arm's reach in places she was likely to sit down. That way, if she was reaching for her phone, she would also have a book handy that she had started or wanted to start. That's what I try to do now to, keeping a book in my purse, at my nightstand, and at my favorite spot in the living room. I've read more this year than I have in years prior-- and spent less scrolling time on my phone (I also got rid of my social media, which has been so freeing). This strategy also has the benefit of my kids seeing me reading actual books instead of wondering what I'm looking at on my phone. I could have been reading on my phone, but it doesn't look like reading to little eyes, so it doesn't have the same influence on them to also be reading. Now my hubby and I both read more, and the kids follow along!”

➡️ “For pleasure reading - I do a lot of reading at work (emails/studies/etc!)”


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